What’s new in Solus 3 Budgie

Published on August 24, 2017 by

Solus 3 has been release and announced by Solus Project team. This release introduces new kernel and graphics stacks, brings a number of visual and technical changes, new technologies, and up-to-date components.

Budgie Desktop the default desktop environment of Solus OS. Solus 3 ships with the new Budgie 10.x series, i.e., Budgie 10.4. It ships with Adapt GTK Theme, Papirus Icon Theme, and Noto Sans font. The primary panel has been moved from top to the bottom of the display, has maximize and unmaximize animations for applications, the alt+tab switcher will now prefer the theme icon instead of the X11 icon where possible. Also introduces a new applet, Night Light, which can help reduce eye strain by reducing your display’s blue light by making your screen “warmer”.

Solus 3 powered by the Linux Kernel 4.12 series and Mesa 17.1.6, also include the latest open-source software, Mozilla Firefox 55.0.1 as default web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird 52.2.1 as default email and news client, LibreOffice as default office suite, and Rhythmbox 3.4.1 as default audio player, which ships with the latest release of the Alternative Toolbar extension.

Support for Snaps is an exciting feature included in the Solus 3 operating system, allowing users to install third-party apps from the Ubuntu Snappy Store. Flatpak support was already available in Solus, but now users can benefit from the powers of another popular universal binary format for GNU/Linux distributions, which is developed by Canonical and compatible with various popular distros.

Solus 3 Release Notes | Download Solus 3

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