What’s New in Solus 4.0 Fortitude – Budgie Desktop Edition

Published on April 12, 2019 by

Solus 4.0 fortitude, the latest major release of solus linux distribution has been released and announced by Solus Project’s Joshua Strobl. This release ships with Budgie 10.5 desktop environment includes some minor changes and also comes baked in with the Plata (Noir) GTK Theme.

New to the Budgie Desktop is a “Caffeine Mode” that ensures the system doesn’t suspend/lock/dim, and other minor tweaks to enhance the experience for those “hard at work” and trying not to be interrupted. Budgie 10.5 also brings an updated icon task-list applet, Raven widget/notification center improvements, improved notification management, and various styling improvements to its custom elements.

On the kernel side, Solus 4.0 ships with Linux kernel 4.20.16 which is great news for AMD users. It delivers new hardware enablement for AMD Picasso and Raven 2 APUs, AMD Vega 20 and broader Vega10 support. On the driver side, Solus 4 includes MESA 19.0, which crucially brings better support for Vega M (as seen in Intel’s amazing Hades Canyon NUC).

Download Solus 4.0 Fortitude

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