What’s New in Netrunner 19.01 Blackbird

Published on January 29, 2019 by

Debian-Based Netrunner 19.01 “Blackbird” has been released, is now available to download and install on your PC and Laptop. Using KDE Plasma 5.14.3 as default desktop environment, this release comes with a dark new look and feel with a more 3D-looking design, which was created using the Kvantum theme engine and the Alpha-Black Plasma theme.

Netrunner 19.01 “Blackbird” also adds support for Web Apps, which are links to websites that can be easily added as launchers from the applications menu, the Plasma-Integration addon to the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which enables media controls and visual feedback for downloads, as well as Plasma integration for GTK+ apps.

Under the hood, Netrunner 19.01 is based on Debian and powered by the Linux 4.19.0 kernel. also include KDE applications and the latest free open source: Discover Software Center 15.4, Dolphin File manager 18.08.2, GIMP 2.10, Gwenview Image Viewer 18.04, Krita 4.1.7, Marble Virtual Globe 2.2.20, Yarock Music Player 1.3.1, KDEnlive Video Editor 18.12, Ark Archive Tool 18.8, Kate Text Editor 18.08. Okular Pdf viewer 1.3.2, KDE partition manager 3.3.1, Konsole 18.04

Netrunner 19.01 “Blackbird” available only for the 64-bit system. you can download it here. For more information about this release, you can read at Netrunner 19.01 “Blackbird release notes.

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