What’s New in Linux Lite 4.0

Published on August 5, 2018 by

Linux Lite 4.0 codename “Diamond” is the latest release of Linux Lite, based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and powered by Linux Kernel 4.15 series. Also, comes with a brand new icon and system theme, namely Papirus and Adapta. Timeshift app by default for system backups, and new, in-house built Lite applications.

Among the new Lite applications, we can mention the Lite Desktop, which manages application icons and other objects on the desktop, and Lite Sounds, a tool designed to help users manage system-wide sounds. Also, Linux Lite 4.0 ships with the MenuLibre tool to help you easily edit application menu entries. help manual has been majorly updated. All content and images have been updated.

Other open source applications installed by default in Linux Lite 4.0 are Thunnar File manager 1.6.5, Firefox Quantum 61.0, Thunderbird Email Client 52.9, Leafpad text Editor 0.8.18, GNOME archieve manager, Catfish Search tool 1.4, GIMP 2.10, Shotwell Photo Manager 0.28, VLC Media Player 3.0.2, LibreOffice 6.0, GNOME Documents, Xfce Terminal,

Minimum Recommended Specs:

  • 1Ghz processor
  • 768mb ram
  • 8gb HDD/SD
  • VGA screen capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Preferred Specs:

  • 1.5GHz processor+
  • 1024mb ram+
  • 20gb HDD/SSD+
  • VGA, DVI or HDMI screen capable of 1366×768 resolution+
  • DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image

Linux Lite 4.0 only available for 64 bit system. you can download it here. For more information about this release, you can read at Xubuntu 18.04 release notes.

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