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Published on September 19, 2017 by

GNOME 3.26 has been officially released by GNOME Project’s Deveopment team, brings new features and many improvements.

As for the main GNOME components, GNOME Shell received better search view with a new layout and support for searching system actions, more Wayland improvements, animated transitions for maximized and unmaximized windows, slightly revamped activities overview, and transparency for the top bar.

This release also include a new look for the Settings application, which has a new navigation sidebar and improved network and display settings. Fractional display scaling has been introduced in GNOME 3.26 to make the desktop environment look better on HiDPI displays, the Photos app comes with new zoom controls, the Maps app now lets you switch between aerial and street views using keyboard shortcuts, and System Monitor now monitors disk IO per process.

Moreover, the Boxes app now lets you share folders between guest and host, GNOME Disks application allows the creation of new image files that can be mounted as loop devices and supports resizing of partitions together with their file system, Epiphany (Web) comes with Firefox Sync support, and the Calendar app now supports recurrent events.

Color emoji are now supported throughout GNOME and will be visible wherever they appear. GNOME 3.26 also includes ways to insert emoji into chats, messages and documents.

GNOME 3.26 introduces a couple of new apps, namely Simple Scan and To Do (features Todoist integration), and adds small improvements to other apps, including Logs, Evolution, Polari, Software, Builder, GTK+, GJS, and Evolution-Data-Server. Also, the GNOME Tweak Tool app was renamed to Tweaks in this release. For more details you can refer to GNOME 3.26 release notes

If you interesting to GNOME 3.26 and want testing this desktop environment in your computer, you can download openSUSE nightly live images which include GNOME 3.26 :

Download OpenSUSE with GNOME 3.26

For arch linux user add the following lines on top of your repository :


Server = http://softwareperonista.com.ar/repo/archlinux/gnome-devel/x86_64

SigLevel = Never
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