Solus 1.0 Released – Ship with Budgie Desktop 10 and Support GNOME 3.18

Published on January 1, 2016 by

Solus 1.0 codenamed Shannon, a Linux distribution built from scratch that’s using The GTK-based desktop environment named Budgie Desktop, has been released by Solus Project and is now ready for download.

This release ships with the latest version of budgie desktop 10, powered by linux kernel 4.3, introduce the raven sidebar that allow user to manage the notifications, access to the calendar, the sound volume, media player controls, applet management and customize desktop. Solus 1.0 support gnome 3.18, it mean users can install and running GNOME 3.18 apps on solus operating system.

Solus has own package manager called eopkg that gives users all the control they need over package management, like installing or removing applications, searching for packages, and repo management. Software Center include by default, but it still improved.

The Solus Developer also provides the DoFlicky Solus Driver Management, the tool that will help users detection and install drivers much easier.

Solus 10 features multiple important applications such as Firefox 43.0.2, Nautilus 3.18.4, Rhythmbox 3.2.1, Thunderbird 38.5.0, and VLC 2.2.1.

More details you can refer to Solus 1.0 release announcement

Solus 1.0 Screenshots

Download Solus 1.0
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