How to Run Android Apps on Ubuntu with Anbox

Published on August 30, 2017 by

This video shown you how to run android application on ubuntu with anbox. Anbox puts the Android operating system into a container, abstracts hardware access and integrates core system services into a GNU/Linux system. Every Android application will be integrated with your operating system like any other native application.

Install anbox using anbox-installer :

sudo apt install git

git clone

cd anbox-installer


How to install android application :

sudo apt install android-tools-adb

Download android app (apk) from, then install with the following command:

adb install android_app.apk

How to remove android application :

use the following command to list installed packages:

adb shell 'pm list package -f'

Type these comand to remove android application

adb uninnstall name_of_apk_file

ex : adb uninstall org.mozilla.firefox

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