Peppermint OS 10 – Based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and Available in 32bit and 64bit

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Peppermint OS 10 is the latest release of peppermint OS, this release based on ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS which ships with updated kernel and graphics stacks from the Ubuntu 18.10. As such, Peppermint 10 is powered by Linux kernel 4.18.0-18, available in both 64bit and 32bit flavors so older hardware is still supported.

This release using the LXDE desktop environment, but not in its traditional form. Instead of Openbox, it’s paired with Xfwm4 window manager and instead of LXDE panel it’s the XFCE panel with the (terrific) Whisker menu plugin.

Proprietary nvidia graphics drivers in Peppermint 10 now installed automatically if “Install third party drivers/software” is selected as part of the installation routine, this includes automatic configuration of nvidia optimus setups up to the nvidia-390 drivers. If you intend to install the later 396/410/415/418/430 drivers from the ‘Proprietary GPU Drivers’ PPA it would

Peppermint 10 include Software Manager (mint Install) which support flatpak package from flathub and GNOME Software as alternative software center, Ice 6.0.2 with support for isolated profiles for Chromium, Google Chrome, and Vivaldi web browsers, and a new utility for setting font DPIs.

Peppermint 10 ships with the updated versions of all the apps, including nemo file manager, firefox 67, Transmission BitTorrent Client 2.92, GNOME Disk 3.28, Gufw 18.04.0, Archive manager 3.28, xed code editor 2.0.2, xplayer media player 2.0.2 xviewer image viewer 2.0.2, Xreader 2.0.2, etc.

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