OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE Edition : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Published on November 23, 2014 by

OpenSUSE 13.2 has been released and announced by The openSUSE Project Developer, it now available to download and install on you computer. OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE is defaut desktop OpenSUSE, but there is also a GNOME edition, this release openSUSE Project Developer shipped the latest version of KDE 4.14.

According to OpenSUSE 13.2 official announcement, KDE 4.14, dedicated to the memory of Volker Lanz, provides a familiar look, feel and functionality with the rock-solid stability of the latest version of the long-term support Plasma Workspace (4.11.12) and the applications from latest Software Compilation (4.14.2). The KDE Telepathy stack offers features as off-the-record (OTR) encryption for instant messaging, multi-protocol support and a set of applets for the Plasma Workspace. KDE applications requiring multimedia are now based on the 1.0 version of the GStreamer multimedia framework, allowing a noticeable reduction in dependencies.

openSUSE 13.2 comes with a much better installer, an improved YaST toolset, numerous packages for developers, and pretty much all the packages that you will ever need. With an installation image of 4.7 GB, this is one of the biggest Linux distros and one of the best that you can find.

OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE Edition Screenshot Tours

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