Make Folder in Nautilus and Nemo File Manager Colorful with Folder Color

Published on September 6, 2014 by

Folder Color is a nautilus file manager extension that allows user easily and fast to change the folder icon color to some predefined colors, the colors available are black, yellow, violet, blue, pink, orange, green, grey or red. With a small tweak, the extension also works with Nemo file manager

1. Install Folder Color from PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costales/folder-color
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install folder-color

2. Restart Nautilus

nautilus -q

3. For Nemo

sudo apt-get install python-nemo
sudo cp /usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/ /usr/share/nemo-python/extensions/
sudo sed -i 's/Nautilus/Nemo/g' /usr/share/nemo-python/extensions/

4. Restart Nemo

nemo -q
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