Lubuntu 15.04 : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Published on May 29, 2015 by

The stable release of Lubuntu 15.04 has arrived and is now available for download and ready to install in your computer. This relase still based on LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) and many of the LXDE core components have been updated to their latest versions in order to fix various issues from the previous release of the distribution, Lubuntu 14.10.

Lubuntu 15.04  is an ubuntu flavors wich offers one of the most lightweight desktop experiences and it is now powered by Ubuntu 15.04’s Linux 3.19.2 kernel. Like ubuntu 15.04 flavors, it will supported with security patches and software updates for only 9 months, until February 2016.

Default Applications include in Lubuntu 15.04 are the PCManFM file manager, which provides GVFS and GIO support, Abiword as the word processor, Leafpad, Gnumeric, Gpicview, Gnome MPlayer, Audacious,mtPaint, Pidgin as Internet messeger, Lubuntu Software Center,the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Synaptic Package manager, Simple LightDM GTK Greeter as the default login screen and the fast and extensible Openbox window manager.

Lubuntu 15.04 Screenshot Tours

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