Linux Lite 2.8 – Video Overview and Screenshot tours

Published on March 7, 2016 by

Linux Lite 2.8 is the latest release of Linux Lite. This release based on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS featuring Xfce 4.10 as main desktop environment. Powered by Linux kernel 3.19, which has been reinforced with support for the latest hardware components, Linux Lite 2.8 ships with support for the Btrfs file system. It also features support for H.265 encoded videos, which has been implemented in the VLC Media Player software, the xbacklight utility for adjusting the brightness.

Default applications include thunar 1.6.3, Firefox 44, libreoffice 5, VLC Media Player 2.6, Thunderbird 38.5.1, Document viewer 3.10, Clementine, application finder, GIMP 2.8, ristretto, leafpad 0.8 and more. Linux Lite developer also include their application : Linux Lite Control Center, Linux Lite Software, Linux Lite tweaks, Systemback and Lite welcom screen.

More information about linux lite 2.8 you can refer to Linux Lite 2.8 release announcements

Linux Lite 2.8 Screenshot Tours

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