Korora 21 GNOME Edition : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Published on March 22, 2015 by

Korora 21 GNOME Edition is an linux distribution based on fedora 21 featuring GNOME desktop environment 3.14 and brings numerous updates to its core apps, including Photos, which now supports sharing on more social networks, and Software package management tool.

Korora is a Fedora Remix, meaning it ships packages from the default Fedora repositories but also a number of other packages (often ones that Fedora cannot ship directly). We also make changes to the default system, whereas Fedora generally sticks to upstream. For new users, Fedora can be tricky because it doesn’t include many of the extras that users often need, things like media codecs and some proprietary software. This is one area where Korora can help.

Ultimately, we want people just like you to become useful members of the Fedora community and we hope that trying Korora will be a catalyst for this. About Korora

Korora 21 GNOME Edition Screenshot Tours

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