Here’s KDE Neon 5.13.5 : Based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Uses KDE Plasma 5.13.5

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KDE Neon 5.13.5 is the latest stable release of KDE neon 5 based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver and powered by Linux Kernel 4.15 series. Features KDE Plasma 5.13.5 desktop environment, which brings numerous enhancements and new features.

As default desktop KDE neon 5.13.5, latest KDE plasma 5.13 offering new features called browser integration, which Firefox/Chrome/Chromium users can install the corresponding plugin from their browser app store to ensure that any downloads appear as a notification on the desktop. The Media Controls Plasmoid (widget) also allows user to mute and skip videos when playing in the browser, although this isn’t especially convenient compared to accessing the video controls in the browser itself.

Using KDE’s Kirigami framework, KDE system settings and Discover Software Center are being designed. on KDE system settings, the pages a slick new look, started off with the theming tools, comprising the icons, desktop themes, and cursor themes pages. The splash screen page can now download new splashscreens from the KDE Store. The fonts page can now display previews for the sub-pixel anti-aliasing settings.

Appearance of lists and category pages on Discover, now use toolbars instead of big banner images. Lists can now be sorted, and use the new Kirigami Cards widget. Star ratings are shown on lists and app pages. App icons use your local icon theme to better match your desktop settings. All AppStream metadata is now shown on the application page, including all URL types.

KDE Neon 5.13.5 features latest version of KDE Applications 18.08 and KDE Framework 5.13.5 including Dolphin File Manager 18.08, Gwenview Image Viewer 18.08, Okular Document Viwer1.5.1, KDE Archiving Tool (Ark) 18.08.1, Kwrite Text Editor 18.08, Konsole Terminal Emulator 18.08, Spectacle Screenshot tool 18.08, Wallet Manager Tool 18.08,  KDE System Monitor (ksysguard) 5.13.5. Also, include Non-KDE Apps Firefox Quantum 62 as default browser and VLC Media Player 2.2.2.

KDE neon 5.13.5 is available in three official editions, a User Edition designed for users who want to use the latest KDE Plasma desktop and software, as well as two Developer Editions, which are built from the beta and unstable Git branches, and are targeted at developers and testers. All of them only available in 64-bit version, You can download it from KDE Neon Download page.

For more information about KDE Neon, you can read at KDE Neon Official Website

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