What’s New in Fedora 30 Workstation

Published on May 8, 2019 by

Fedora 30 has been released and announced by fedora project. After more than six months in development, Fedora 30 comes with many new features, optimizations, and several other improvements for a richer Fedora Linux experience.

Fedora 30 workstation ship with GNOME 3.32 as default desktop environment that brings several other features like new icon theme, fractional scaling, permission control for each application, granular control on Night Light intensity among many other changes. Also, include most of the gnome software 3.32.

Fedora 30 ships with several improvements to the DNF package management system, which powers everything you install, update or remove on your Fedora computers. and it’s powered by Linux kernel 5.0 series that has improved support for hardware and some performance improvements.

Download Fedora 30 Workstation | Fedora 30 Release Notes

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