Fedora 22 Workstation : Video Overview and Screenshot tours

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Fedora Project have just released the latest version of Linux Distribution, Fedora 22. It now available for download for all the new flavors, Workstation, Server, and Cloud.

Accoording to Fedora 22 official announcement. “Every Fedora release has its own character. If this release had a human analogue, it’d be Fedora 21 after it’d been to college, landed a good job, and kept its New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym on a regular basis. What we’re saying is that Fedora 22 has built on the foundation we laid with Fedora 21 and the work to create distinct editions of Fedora focused on the desktop, server, and cloud (respectively). It’s not radically different, but there are a fair amount of new features coupled with features we’ve already introduced but have improved for Fedora 22,”

What’s New in Fedora 22

  • Gnome 3.16 is now the default main desktop environment for Fedora 22 Workstation, Gnome 3.16 includes many updated software and changes.
  • The GNOME Shell and other themes and design are refined and improved
  • Provides better notifications to users about system events
  • The nautilus file manager has been improved to use GActions
  • Powered by kernel 4.0 and using systemd as default boot manager
  • Yum has been replaced with DNF. This is basically the system that lets you quickly and easy download and install software from Fedora repositories
  • Include Gnome Classic and Gnome on Wayland Sessions

Default applications included in Fedora 22 workstation are Firefox 38 as web browser, LibreOffice 4.4 Suite, Shotwell 0.22, GNOME Terminal 3.16, System Monitor 3.16, GNOME Software 3.16, GNOME Clock 3.16, GNOME Wheater 3.16, GNOME Maps 3.16, Rhythmbox 3.2, Transmission 2.84, Gedit 3.16, GNOME Calculator 3.16, GNOME Disk 3.16, GNOME Boxes, Evolution, Empathy, Dev asssitant, Document viewer, Videos etc..

Fedora 22 Workstation Screenshot Tours

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