Meet Fedora 22 MATE-Compiz – Include Video Overview and Screenshots

Published on June 21, 2015 by

Fedora 22 MATE-Compiz is an official fedora spins of fedora 22 featuring mate desktop environment version 1.10, using Compiz for desktop effect and Emerald as a window manager.

MATE Desktop is a lightweight, powerful Desktop designed with productivity and performance in mind. The default windows manager is Marco which is usable for all machines and VMs. Compiz Fusion is a beautiful 3D windowing manager with Emerald and GTK theming.

The default applications that include in Fedora 22 MATE-Compiz are  Caja, pluma, Engrampa, Eye of MATE, Atril, and MATE Terminal, the Mozilla Firefox web browser, FileZilla file transfer client, LibreOffice office suite, Claws Mail email client, Audacious music player, Xfburn CD/DVD burning software, HexChat IRC client, and Transmission torrent downloader.

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