Fedora 22 Alpha Gnome Edition : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Published on March 23, 2015 by

Fedora 22 Alpha has been released by Fedora Project, it now available to download and install for test drive. The Alpha version of Fedora 22 GNOME edition comes with many enhancements from the GNOME 3.16 Beta desktop environment, such as the revamped GNOME Shell theme, GNOME 3.16’s brand-new notification system that is integrated beside calendar applet, Nautilus improvements, and many other goodies.

Fedora 22 Alpha GNOME is powered by Linux kernel 4.0 Release Candidate 1 and Gnome-Shell 3.15.90. also included default applications such Firefox, Empaty, Rhythmbox, libreOffice suite, shotwell, evolution, GNOME Application, GNOME’s Control Center etc.

Fedora 22 Alpha Gnome Edition Screenshot Tours

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