Endeavour OS 2019.09.15 : Based on Arch Linux and Using Xfce Desktop 4.14

Published on November 5, 2019 by

EndeavourOS is an Arch Linux-based distribution featuring a pre-configured Xfce desktop 4.14 and the Calamares graphical installer. The project’s latest snapshot, 2019.09.15, features many package updates, a more complete Arch-x icon set, and the NVIDIA driver installer is included by default.

“The September release has arrived. As of today, you can download our latest ISO with an updated offline installer. The ISO contains Linux kernel 5.2.14; mesa 19.1.6; systemd 243.0; Firefox 69 (Quantum); Arc-x-icons, a more complete and updated version than the Arc icon set used previously.

The new EndeavourOS welcome launcher on both the live environment as on the installed system. It’s a one-click menu to the wiki for the basic system commands and setting up your hardware. Our NVIDIA-installer is now installed by default which now also installs the dkms drivers. Gtop system monitor, a nice terminal-based system load monitor that launches from the panel.”

Download Endeavour OS : https://endeavouros.com/download/

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